Thankyou: Welcome to The Inside,

28th July 2023, News by Marx Design

Thankyou’s Reimagined Consumerism initiative called for an immersive concept store, a launchpad to demonstrate the power of our choices in impacting change. Collaboratively designed, this minimalist, multisensory space linked visitors with Thankyou’s mission against global poverty. The circular amphitheatre layout showcased products and provided event seating, while a central table encouraged conversations.

Departing from conventional retail, the design prioritised education and connection, aligning with Thankyou’s ethos. Subtle lighting and a white palette highlighted products, reflecting a human-centric approach that transformed the experience to mirror the brand’s values.

The “Consumerism Reimagined” project serves as a movement to change our consumer culture. It emerges as a bold response to the status quo, advocating for mindful consumption that aligns with positive impact. In a realm dominated by disposable trends, this initiative challenges the notion of conventional consumerism, envisioning a future where choices are catalysts for change. Discover the full case study here.