It all started back in 2015 in Wellington, when Ben and some friends decided to try their hand at the drinks game. They wanted to make healthy alternatives that didn’t trash the environment but contributed positively to our community, and that’s been a pretty successful mission so far.


After the success of Almighty’s juices and sparkling waters, we were tasked with designing packaging for the new Almighty Active range, to sit in the over saturated and somewhat garish ‘energy drinks’ category. This is a clean offering – no sugar, naturally flavoured charcoal filtered sparkling water with 80mg of caffeine added. Unlike standard sports drinks Almighty Active is actually good for you! We saw this as an opportunity to break the norms of this category while remaining recognisably ‘sporty’.


We looked to the days when sports were more sports, and less dollars and business. We landed in mid 1970s, when athletic fashion was at its peak with crew socks and short shorts abound. Inspired by vintage Olympic uniforms, merchandise, and logos, we found the perfect aesthetic to illustrate this fresh new active offering. Introducing racing stripes to the existing Almighty logo created the perfect pack architecture framework illustrating benefit and more functional aspects such as flavour, and creating a simple but clear range navigation tool. This new ‘A’ treatment has opened the door for future range expansion that feels unique, adapts to categories but still looks distinctly Almighty. 


Freshly launched, Almighty Active is sure to bring a shot of ‘energy’ to a category that hasn’t changed in step with our lifestyles.


Almighty Active,