Taking the piss out of drinking

Former Olympic athlete Tyler Martin approached us to help realise his vision for a ready to drink non-alcoholic cocktail range. With an initial three products developed for launch, Tyler’s mission is to sell both directly to consumers and through major liquor retailers across Australia. The primary audience is the younger, more social ‘seltzer’ crowd who are looking for healthy alternatives to traditional RTD’s

Our challenge was to remove the social stigma around non-alc drinks. Non-alc alternative drinks are an emerging category with most early brands to the space taking a ‘worthy’ anti-alcohol stance, further isolating those who chose not to partake – a new perspective is required.

Given the challenge above, and the audience we’re talking to, we established early that Yes You Can was going to be a refreshingly positive, inclusive, and non-judgmental brand. The brand name is a statement of intent, referencing the willpower required to cut down, giving you permission to do your own thing, or if you just want to pace yourself by mixing your drinking with a non-alc breather, now you can. 

This “statement as brand” concept informed our approach to design. Playing to the ‘can’ pun, the product itself becomes the logo, which is an adaptable 3D can shape used in different orientations in each setting. 

Like the logo, the approach to the outer packaging was to make it as varied and engaging as possible, where the facings are one of the three words Yes You Can, that once stacked and displayed in a merchandising setting make for a striking presence, amplifying the positive, empowering theme alongside maintaining a premium presence.

Informed by the type of cocktail and staying true to the positive intent of the brand, colours are a key graphic asset - vibrant and punchy with strong contrast.

Yes You Can,

Taking the piss out of drinking

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