Melbourne-based StrangeLove Drinks seized the opportunity to enter the cocktail garnish market. Over the past two years of the pandemic consumers had no choice but to entertain in their own homes and were longing for a quality cocktail experience that you would get at a swanky Melbourne bar.


They engaged us to develop “Another StrangeLove Production” Tipple Topper. A superior cocktail garnish brand featuring all-natural Australian dehydrated beverage garnishes, designed for fine drinking at home. 


Fix your drink with a mixed pack of Tipple Topper's greatest hits. And unlike The Beatles' no 1. album, these actually have some taste. Chilli and lime spiced pineapple wedges for when you’re feeling tropical and in the mood to get lei'd. Salted lime wheels to tame Margarita madness. Blood orange wheels that have more street cred, because their first name is ''blood''. And last but not least, Smoked pear slices for when getting lit with dark spirits seems like an appropriate choice to kill an afternoon. 


Using the overarching design strategy for StrangeLove of “borrow from the past, modernise for the future”, Tipple Topper hangs off the single minded idea of “Fix Your Drink”, inspired by utilitarian emergency army food rations. The fit for purpose typography used is “SAA Series” the official typeface used on Australian road signage. The packaging imagery is no nonsense and clearly communicates what the product is, while the serving suggestions are aspirational, embracing the theatre and taste of what you would expect from a Melbourne bar experience. The result is unlike anything in the category, and feels like a likeable cousin of the StrangeLove family of products. To impress your friends visit for cocktail supplies.

Tipple Topper,