Vogel’s cereal earns it’s stripes

Vogel’s bread is a top contender for New Zealand’s most iconic breakfast staple, regarded as a true cultural icon.  With a rich heritage and high brand awareness to draw on, our approach to a design refresh for Vogel’s Cafe cereal looked to the past to help move the brand forward.  Utilising Vogel’s strong existing graphic elements such as the stripes and retro colour pallet, we took visual cues from the bread range to help aid recognition for the revamped breakfast category. 

We saw an opportunity to engage loyal Vogel’s bread lovers who hadn’t discovered the cereal range, using the idea of a “master brand” as a key product identifier.  A slimmer, no waste package and the addition of more contemporary flavours completed a full overhaul of the cereal offer. The new range has helped Vogel’s win in all categories of the great Kiwi breakfast, revitalising a product which needed a healthy boost in awareness.





Vogel’s cereal earns it’s stripes

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