Based in Melbourne, Loving Earth has been creating delicious chocolate since 2007 with a vision to produce chocolate that is healthy, sustainable and fair for all of those involved from grower to consumer. Loving earth takes the manufacturing of the products they develop back to the indigenous communities who grow and process the raw materials, thereby adding more value to their work and increasing the revenue they can generate for their families. You could say they were one of the OG pioneers in doing business the right way..


Thankfully, there has been a slow but welcomed movement with more companies delivering on fair trade and sustainable practises. Driving a need for a new brand experience for Loving Earth Chocolate, beyond their foundation of excellent ethic’s.


We looked into what it is about that chocolate experience, the cravings, the rush and the indulgence.  We entered into the abstract notion of serotonin and giving that a visual system. Layers of graceful gradient of colours to explore flavours & feelings. A visual representation of flavours and emotion.


The crafted illustrations offer a glimpse into how we see the brain respond to these feelings, beautifully printed on uncoated stock matching colour cues from the recognisable 

ingredients. The system is expandable as more flavours join the line up


The result is a rich collection of chocolate bars, somehow you know the flavours and you can recognise that feeling and craving. Celebrating chocolate and its emotional, desired and indulged in.

Loving Earth,