Diving refreshingly deep into seltzer

Lion approached us to develop the brand identity for Berg, an alcoholic seltzer created by a unique method, leaving it free from artificial colours and preservatives. Made with sparkling water, alcohol, and a light dash of fruit flavour for sweetness, with minimal carbs and calories Berg is the perfect refreshing option for summer.

However, like it’s icy floating namesake there’s more to Berg than meets the eye, it’s made from a complex process which results in a uniquely clean tasting drink.

We liked the idea that it took some deep thinking to look this effortless, that beneath the surface there was a lot to discover.  We played on the concept of the above/below divide of a floating iceberg, using hidden depths as a visual device to communicate Berg’s uniqueness.  With deep thinking drinkers in mind, Berg also needed to portray a high level of visual interest to get across its point of difference and project a strong shelf presence.

The end product is a sophisticated drink with unique appeal for discerning drinkers who’ve been yearning for a more refined alternative. You might say it’s refreshingly deep.


Diving refreshingly deep into seltzer

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