Larchmont is an independent film production company founded by director Noah Marshall and managing partner Ngaio McCreadie. Larchmont is a team of six directors who specialize in different aspects of film production. The company is driven by creating unique and high-quality films for advertising that stand out in the market. With its team of experienced and talented directors, Larchmont is committed to delivering compelling stories that engage and entertain audiences.


Our idea and creative solution was to celebrate the romance of film and its history, evoking the experience and feelings of nostalgia when you watch a great film. The Larchmont brand aims to differentiate itself in the market by creating an identity that reflects its values and stands up with other cultural contributors such as fashion, architecture, products, music, and film. To achieve this, we used a premium serif typeface that conveys a cinematic, crafted and mysterious quality. Celebrating storytelling in its simplest and most powerful form, an image and a sentence.


Borrowing language from favourite films created a unique and relatable tone of voice for the brand. The san serif utility type borrows from the tools of film making such as film canisters, scripts and treatment documents. Creating appeal to advertising agencies, producers looking for partners, and directors who are interested in working with an independent production company with an intriguing identity.