Kynn, derived from Kin, is a new generation of shapewear celebrating women, self-love and self-acceptance. Redefining your second skin of confidence with a focus on high quality fabrics, innovative form fitting silhouettes and a new level of comfort that reveals a more confident you. 

The traditional approach of envy-inducing perfection used in this category leaves the consumer feeling less than and never good enough. Kynn flips that on its head by proudly running in the opposite direction – celebrating the shapes of all women. To bring this purpose to life, the brand needed to be positive, caring, and friendly. 

Kin are your nearest and dearest, there is a knowing kindness within your closest circle and the strength your kin gives you. Kynn strives to illustrates that intimacy via an inclusive pallet of skin tones, cheeky but supportive tone of voice, and a soft yet refined visual expression.

Kynn is confidence wear for every body, empowering everybody to feel confident.