Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Six Barrel have been shaking up the soda game with experimental batches and flavours since 2012. A small team of soda lovers who make wonderful drinks worth savouring. Their drinks are made with real ingredients, NZ citrus, organic ginger, central Otago cherries and fair trade organic cane sugar. The drinks are free from preservatives and artificial sweeteners, colours and flavours and contain around 30% less sugar than most sodas. Six Barrel is sold throughout café’s in New Zealand, but you can also find their products in Australia, the United States, Hong Kong and Canada.

Since launching in 2012 the landscape of soda had changed, becoming more competitive with the rise of Kombucha and Kefir alternative sodas, Six Barrel saw the need to update their brand and packaging to reflect the uniqueness of their products.

Our research led us back to the history of soda, going deep into the archives researching vintage soda labels and the history of soda fountains. We discovered the most iconic motif that resembles soda is a series of elevating circles. 

Six Barrel celebrates soda and its origins, we injected this idea into the brand. Six dots are brought into every label replacing the “O” with a dot, creating a unique graphic pattern for every label. The result is a timeless identity that Six Barrel will own for years to come and communicates what they stand for: “Shaking up the soda game with experimental batches and flavours”.

Six Barrel Soda,